Outreach Council

Role: The Outreach Council is responsible for promoting and encouraging giving to and participating in outreach work both at home and abroad.

Local Outreach

Role of Local Outreach: This committee is responsible for the planning and implementation of ministry and benevolence programs in the local community. The committee will endeavor to discern the ministry needs of the local community and develop ways in which members can address these needs. The committee keeps the congregation informed and will actively recruit and train members to participate in efforts.

Denominational Relations

Role: The Denominational Relations Committee will oversee and maintain communications and relations between CLCC and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), both general and regional offices. The Committee will monitor denominational media sources and report relevant information to Church members. This Committee will work to strengthen relationships with the denomination, making members aware of denominational resources and programs.

Global Missions

Role: The Global Missions Committee will be responsible for planning and implementing regional, general, and international ministry and benevolence programs. The Committee will work with the denomination to provide CLCC support for the global mission efforts of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), informing the Congregation of these efforts and encouraging member prayer and support for these programs.

Health Team

Role: The Health Team will be composed of members interested in developing ways CLCC can support health and wellness programs, both for members and for the community. The Committee leader will be appointed by the Outreach Council Chair.