Discipling Council

Role: Will be responsible for providing opportunities for personal and Congregational faith development.

Arts Guild Committee

Responsibilities: The Arts Guild Committee will: arrange church art exhibits showing works of both members and others; select and exhibit appropriate artwork, both permanent and rotating displays; establish, maintain a permanent CLCC art collection; and will work with the Worship Committee when considering anything displayed in the sanctuary or used in worship.

Arrange church art exhibits showing works of members and prepare a calendar for the year.

Work with Worship Committee on displays in the sanctuary.

Christian Education (Adult)

Responsibilities: The Christian Education (Adult) Committee will be responsible for planning and implementing a comprehensive program of adult Christian education for the Congregation, which may include not only Sunday School but also other educational programs and opportunities.

Prepare an educational calendar for the coming year that includes options for Sunday School and Wednesday Night Dinners.  Having a “Christian Education Calendar” (posters and folders) for all to study, enabling better planning;

Recruit new teachers for educational opportunities.

Having an elective class on the history, beliefs and mission of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) — followed by a Pilgrimage, for those interested, to historical sites of the Disciples;

To develop an increased number of intergenerational opportunities among Christian Education options.

Christian Education (Children and Youth)

Responsibilities: The Christian Education (Children and Youth) Committee will be responsible for planning and implementing a comprehensive program of Christian education for the children and youth of the Congregation, which may include not only Sunday School, but also other educational programs and opportunities such as Vacation Bible School.

Create a calendar of educational opportunities for children and youth including Sunday School , special events, and activities of the church (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Holy Week).

Conduct a Vacation Bible School
Status: See Photo Gallery 2015 for photos of last year’s VBS.

Recruit and insure that teachers are available for all educational opportunities

Church History Committee

Responsibilities: The Church History Team will chronicle the life and activities of the Church and its members. The Committee may include such activities as: photographing/ documenting events, activities of the Church over time; conducting Homecoming activities; maintaining an archive of news clippings; maintaining a handwritten membership roll from the inception of the Church to the present which includes births, deaths, baptisms, and dates joined; maintaining artifacts of the Church; or any other such activities that will bear witness to the life of the Church.

Conduct Homecoming activities each year to honor our charter members and provide an opportunity for former members to come back.  This homecoming event also allows the congregation to look back at the year’s activities and honor those who have pass away.  Homecoming always on Pentacost Sunday.

Maintain a photo archive of events and activities of the church during the year.  Photo archived as part of church website on photo gallery under members tab.

Maintain an archive of news clippings of members and church activities listed in the local newspapers.  This archive is hardcopy only and is housed in the church library.  Researching way to maintain news clippings.

Maintain artifacts for the church.  The categories of artifacts include a) Cherrylogue Newsletters, b) bulletins, c) programs from funerals, weddings, and special church events, and d) Time Capsule.  (The time capsule was closed in April, 2009.  It will be reopened homecoming, 2019.)  All hardcopy artifacts are housed in the church library.


Responsibilities: The Fellowship Committee will promote a spirit of fellowship and hospitality through Church social functions (e.g. sponsoring occasions such as annual picnics, holiday gatherings, all-church meals, etc.).

Enlist interested members to serve on short- or long-term task/interest groups to carry out such fellowship responsibilities as:
Bereavement meals/receptions, Stocking kitchen care and supplies, After-worship fellowship, Wednesday Night Fellowship meals

Review guidelines for use of the kitchen and the kitchen supplies.

Respond to requests from other Committees and individuals to offer guidance as events are planned; serve as a clearing house for Church social and recreational activities.

Labyrinth Keepers

Responsibilities: The Labyrinth Keepers will be responsible for development and maintenance of the CLCC Prayer Labyrinth and its site.

Develop the labyrinth site as a sacred area for prayer and reflection.

Maintain the labyrinth by replacing rocks, mulch, and weeding.

Promote publicity and education about the labyrinth within the church and the community.

Encourage use of the labyrinth by individuals and groups.

Membership/Evangelism Committee

Responsibilities: Working with the Administrative Assistant, be responsible for maintaining a working roll of the members of the Congregation, including participating and non-participating members; Help new members become familiar with and become involved in programs, ministries, and activities of the Church; Work with the Evangelism/Communications Committee to attract and encourage visitors to join in the life of the Church; Work with the Elders to develop care of Church members through flocks, neighbors, or other groups within the Congregation; Maintain contact with members away in school, care facilities, military service, or others who are out of direct contact with the Church; Work to help non-participating members find a place in the ministries of the Church.

Familiarizing new members with programs, ministries, and activities of the church

Helping develop improved care system for the Congregation (in support of the flock system currently used)

Helping visitors feel welcome; helping provide visitors information about CLCC

Creating ways to maintain contact with members who are away from church (homebound, care facilities, military service, school, etc.)


Responsibilities: The Music Committee, working closely with the Director of Music, will be responsible for coordinating the music programs of the Church. The Music Committee will oversee a program of instrumental and vocal music, utilizing talent within and outside the Congregation, to proclaim the gospel through music, thereby enhancing the Congregation’s worship.

Recruit new members to the church choir and music program.

Create a Church music calendar of choral events and special music.

Work with Music Director to review music and requests by church members for worship and work with worship committee.

Small Group Ministry

Responsibilities: The Small Group Ministry Committee will work to create and support new small groups to further the mission and ministry of the Church.

Review current small groups and determine if they continue to further the mission and ministry of the Church. Monitor and give assistance to current small groups.

Advertising: Update the list of small groups on the church website.  Work with Evanglism Committee to advertise the small groups to the congregation and greater community. Ensure that the small group gatherings are on the church calendar.

Review and approve new requests for small groups.  Continue to develop new small groups in response to the needs and interests of current and new members of the congregation.

Give assistance to the labyrinth project group.


Responsibilities: The Stewardship Committee will plan and promote a comprehensive program of stewardship, giving emphasis to time, talent, energy, and money. This program will highlight and educate the Congregation on stewardship practice, helping members use their gifts and passions for ministry and encouraging members to invest their lives in the ministry of Christ.

Teach and promote a biblical concept of stewardship; promote giving consistent with a Christian lifestyle; encourage faithful stewardship of talents, energy, and gifts through: offertory statements on Sunday morning, articles in the Cherrylogue

Conduct an annual commitment campaign using the Consecration Sunday Curriculum

Create a stewardship calendar to include stewardship activities throughout the year

Work with Legacy Foundation to coordinate education of congregation to all aspects of giving.


Responsibilities: The Worship Committee, working with the Senior Minister and the Director of Music, will be responsible for planning and implementing meaningful worship experiences in the life of the Congregation.

Prepare the table for service of the Lord’s Supper

Recruit, train, and schedule of members to participate in public worship who reflect the diversity of the Congregation.  Use of Ministry Pro for scheduling.

Provide physical aids to worship; making arrangements for special services and liturgical season and holiday displays and decorations.

Work with church administrator to prepare a church calendar of worship events.

Respond to congregation inquiries regarding worship.