Small Group Ministries

The CLCC Small Group Ministry was formed to enable members, visitors and guests to feel connected to others through small group experiences that foster intimacy, caring, and Christian growth.

Below you will find a list of small groups at CLCC with a description and person to contact about each group. Look over the list to find groups that fit your needs and interests or just to become more aware of the great variety of ways that CLCC supports ministry and mission through Support, Outreach, Interests, Spirituality and Music groups.

If you have an idea for a small group that does not already exist at CLCC, the Small Group Ministry team is here to help you develop a new group. Contact Sally Pamplin  770-596-2001

Small Groups at Cherry Log Christian Church


Caregivers Support Group      Paul Porter      706-636-4165
The Caregivers Support Group is for those who carry the responsibility of caring for someone with ongoing health issues such as a disability or Alzheimer’s disease. We find that caregivers all need somewhere to speak about their difficulties and frustrations. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 1 pm.

Emotions Anonymous      Hal Doster     706-633-6225
Emotions Anonymous is a place for people to gather to share the challenges of the ongoing journey of life. It is a place to feel heard and understood when life is difficult and painful.  The participants understand that all sharing and discussions are considered anonymous and are held in confidence.  We meet on Thursdays from 4:30 – 5:30 pm.

Alcoholics Anonymous     CLCC Church Office   706-632-1048
Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for AA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. AA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.

Al-Anon   CLCC Church Office   706-632-1048
Al-Anon is a place where families and friends of problem drinkers can find understanding and support. The group meets on the first and third Thursdays at 11:00am.

Community Grief Support Group
This monthly group open to anyone who needs a place to share their experience of loss. This support group is offered through a partnership between The Craddock Center and GA Mountains Hospice. Call 706-253-4100 or 800-692-7199 for more information.


Garden for Others    CLCC Church Office     706-632-1048
Our purpose is to provide food for hungry people with fresh produce from our garden near the church. The group forms in the spring and meets through the growing season to plant and harvest. Our produce is sent to the Fannin County Food Bank and Gilmer Community Food Pantry.

Prayer Shawl Knitters     Betty Schaefer
The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 10am to 2pm.  Women and men, knitters and non-knitters are welcome. This is a ministry of love, of healing, and encouragement, for as we knit we pray over our simple, lovely shawls that God’s love and grace will be woven into each stitch and that the recipient will experience the embrace of love and healing. We are a part of a nationwide and worldwide thrust where men and women gather together as knitters to give support and comfort to others in need. Our shawls at CLCC have been given to our congregates in need; to members and friends of the knitters; and also to our greater world community, including individuals in the countries of Portugal and Sweden. Our ministry is a mission of outreach to our own communities we serve, i.e., North Georgia Hospice; Safe Choice Pregnancy Care Center in Ellijay; The Craddock Center; and the Dialysis and Cancer Centers in Blairsville, Ga.

Jill’s Quilts   Debbie Coburn  706-374-6562   and    Jane Carwell  706-881-5301
Jill’s Quilts is a small group that meets the 4th Tuesday of each month 10am – 2pm  to make comfort quilts for members and others who are undergoing chemotherapy. The group is named for Jillayn Wolleat who lost her battle with leukemia in the summer of 2013. New and experienced quilters are invited to join us in the Explorers’ classroom.

The Clothes Closet      Jane Murray     706-632-8785
The Clothes Closet ministry, an idea of Dr. Craddock’s, was started by the people who started Cherry Log Christian Church. It is a non-profit Clothes Closet serving the community. Any person can come in and pick clothing. We depend on donations. We are open every Thursday from 1-3pm and the first Tuesday of each month from 3-5pm. It is a very rewarding ministry! Volunteers are needed.

Sam Starr Ministry     CLCC Church Office   706-632-1048
Sam Star was a man who could do anything from rebuilding a car to building a home. Whenever there was a need for a mission project or mission trip, Sam would gather a group of people together, gather all his tools that he needed for the project, and off they would go to help others. Sam had the idea to buy a trailer and outfit it with tools that missionaries needed to fix up homes, yards, or any project that God needed doing. That trailer is now a reality and equipped with tools. Sam Star Ministries is ready to move into the field locally or nationally. We need volunteers to go out and fix and repair while ministering to the folks who need God’s help and God’s love. This ministry is meant to be used by the community for the community.


Bridge Group     Ruth West     706-636-3532
Each Wednesday at 1 pm the bridge group meets in Fellowship Hall for bridge. No bridge sharks here, just friends who like to play bridge. We have a wonderful time. All are welcome.  Additional contact:  Feenie Midkiff  706-669-0209

Paint Group     Kerrie Gilbert   706-635-8289
All painters – all mediums – are welcome to join in painting and fellowship. If you have finished work that you’re willing to display in the fellowship hall, please contact us to schedule your “Featured Artist” exhibit.

Camera Group     Phil Miller    706-258-2139
Calling all shutterbugs, photogs, and camera collectors! If you love cameras and photography, this is the group for you.  If you would like to love cameras and photography, you’re welcome, too!

Bead Weavers Group   Ron Midkiff    706-374-4538
“Beads and beadwork have a universal appeal that links people across cultures and ages…beads have a deeper more spiritual aspect: they provide good fortune, protection from evil forces, and link us to a more spiritual realm.” (Laura McCabe)  One beading book is titled: “Finding Your Sacred Center through the Art of Beadwork.”  The word “bead” comes from an Old German word meaning “prayer.” In many religions beads are used in praying, like the rosary. This group carries out the ancient meaning of the word “bead” as we fellowship together and help find our “sacred center.”  We weave jewelry from crystals and small seed beads and share joys, sorrows, and concerns. We meet the second Tuesday of each month from 10am to 2pm  in the adult education classroom.

Faith in Fiction Book Discussion     Myra Kibler     706-636-5657
Faith in Fiction meets on the second Friday of each month to discuss a work of fiction. We believe in the importance of stories to enrich and deepen our perspectives on life, explore our values and question our culture. We enjoy the friendship of other readers and the joy of sharing ideas and insights. Books are chosen for literary quality and for depth of meaning. The group welcomes anyone who enjoys reading and discussing good literature. For more information or to be added to the email notifications about meetings and books, contact Myra Kilber.

Poetry Interest Group     Ann Doster   706-632-5104
This group welcomes poets and writers and anyone who has an interest in poetry, learning about poetry, learning why anyone would be interested in poetry and sharing thoughts with the group. This is not a critique group, but a community that invites participants to share poems they have written or share their favorite poems. Meetings are on the third Tuesday of each month, 1:30-3:30pm at the home of Barbara Ferer. Call for directions or additional information.


Wednesday Morning Bible Study Group    Hal Doster   706-632-5104
Every Wednesday from 10-11:30am a group from both the church and the community get together to study the Bible, one book at a time, and discuss how it applies to our lives.  We also share our personal concerns with the group for intercessory prayer.  We all agree that this time together is a VERY important part of our week.  If you are interested in an in-depth study of scripture, join us on Wednesdays.

Centering Prayer    Cindy Avens    706-374-6959
Centering Prayer is a contemporary approach to Christian contemplation – the practice of interior silence that leads to a deep “resting in God.” Christians since the early days of the Church have practiced contemplation for the purpose of inner transformation and union with God. The Centering Prayer group meets on Wednesday from 4:00 – 5:15 pm. We begin with discussion based on the study of Centering Prayer and its application in our daily lives and conclude with a 20-minute prayer session. The group is open to anyone who has an interest in exploring the Christian contemplative tradition. Centering prayer is a very simple method to learn and no prior knowledge or experience is necessary.

Friday Prayer Group     Paul Porter    706-636-4165
The Friday Prayer Group meets at noon. We lift up persons in need of intercessory prayer and after the prayer session we enjoy a sack lunch together in a fellowship time. All are invited.

Disciples Women     Nancy Zimmerman   678-907-5707
Mark your calendar to be with us each month on the 3rd Saturday from 10:30am to about 1:00pm. Then you’ll learn first-hand why our participating ladies reserve their third Saturdays (usually) for this vital contribution to our faith and fellowship journey. Here’s what we do: We begin with prayer. We learn. Each year there is a mission emphasis. This emphasis includes guest speakers, research, and projects to help with the mission. We share joys, ideas, concerns, resources. There are always opportunities to give an offering, and our offerings support outreach missions both local and far-reaching. We share lunch together as we strengthen friendships. Twice a year, we have the opportunity to gather with Disciple Women from across the area and the state in a Saturday spring conference and a three-day fall retreat. We’ll be happy to see you!


Cherry Log Consort      Richard Zelley     706-374-6959
We are a small group of music enthusiasts who gather together to share our interest in performing “early music,” which is music written before 1750. The consort consists of individuals who play early wind instruments such as recorders, stringed instruments, or keyboard. We encourage anyone from CLCC and our wider community who plays one of these instruments to join us and share in our love for “early music.” We meet on Thursdays from 2:30-4:30 pm.

Handbell Choir     Bob Clarke    706-632-0113
The Handbell Choir meets on Thursday at 5:00 pm in the sanctuary. We can teach you how to ring, but you must be able to read either the bass or treble clef music. We ring for worship once a month, from September through June. One must have an attendance commitment to this program as weekly rehearsals are very important. A substitute ringer(s) is available at times of necessity. We are generally available to ring for special occasions.

Men’s Chorale     Bob Clarke     706-632-0113
The Men’s Chorale is open to any man who likes to sing. We meet every Thursday at 6:00pm in the choir room and rehearse until 6:30 PM. We sing once or twice a quarter for worship and at other special times as needed. Our year runs from September through June. You do not have to be a member of the chancel choir or the church to be a member of this choir. It does help if you read music and can “carry a tune,” although this is not a requirement. There is no audition. We have sung outside of the church at nursing homes, the Blue Ridge Train program, the Blue Ridge Village Retirement Community and for the Ellijay Senior Center as well as several churches in the area. We have made two performance CDs for the ETC TV channel for their song of praise programming.

African Drumming Group   Myra Kibler   706-636-5657
Drum Circle is a communal activity in which people with drums and other percussion instruments and flutes sit in a circle and play for the circle, not for performance. The objective is to share rhythms, to hear resonance and form communal consciousness. The resultant sound is a new, collective voice that emerges from the whole of the separate rhythms. Drumming is fun, healing, and can be experienced as spiritual. We meet at 9:45am on the second Friday of the month. Watch for announcements about meeting times in the Cherrylogue or by contacting Myra. There are instruments available for people to try, or you are welcome to create homemade instruments.