Garden For Others

Our purpose is to provide food for hungry people with fresh produce from our garden near the church. The group forms in the spring and meets through the growing season to plant and harvest. Our produce is sent to the Fannin County Food Bank and Gilmer Community Food Pantry.

The Clothes Closet

The Clothes Closet ministry, an idea of Dr. Craddock’s, was started by the people who started Cherry Log Christian Church. It is a non-profit Clothes Closet serving the community. Any person can come in and pick clothing. We depend on donations. We are open every Thursday from 1-3pm and the first Tuesday of each month from 3-5pm. It is a very rewarding ministry! Volunteers are needed.

Bus Ministry – Mobile Classroom

The Bus Ministry is a mobile classroom that takes information and education to our local communities.  The ministry works primarily with the Guatemalan community and seeks to education families while providing needed clothing and food.

Life for Children’s Ministry Mission Group

Life for Children’s Ministries takes care of HIV/AIDS orphan from Kenya.  The mission is to place orphan children with their extended families.  The mission also builds houses for widows to keep them safe and dry during the rainy season.  They also build schools and wells for clean water for the area.

The CLCC Outreach council are helping in three ways:

  1. Building Widow’s Houses.  Donations are collected on Mother’s Day.
  2. Drilling well(s).
  3. Mission trips to Kenya.  This is a two week trip that includes work opportunities to assist with building widow’s Houses, working with the orphans directly, and assisting with education activities.

Chris’s Comfort & Joy (Knitters Ministry)

The Chris’s Comfort & Joy (Knitters Ministry) meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 10am to 2pm. Women and men, knitters and non-knitters are welcome. This is a ministry of love, of healing, and encouragement, for as we knit we pray over our simple, lovely shawls that God’s love and grace will be woven into each stitch and that the recipient will experience the embrace of love and healing. We are a part of a nationwide and worldwide thrust where men and women gather together as knitters to give support and comfort to others in need. Our shawls at CLCC have been given to our congregates in need; to members and friends of the knitters; and also to our greater world community, including individuals in the countries of Portugal and Sweden. Our ministry is a mission of outreach to our own communities we serve, i.e., North Georgia Hospice; Safe Choice Pregnancy Care Center in Ellijay; The Craddock Center; and the Dialysis and Cancer Centers in Blairsville, Ga.

Jill’s Quilts

Jill’s Quilts is a small group that meets the 4th Tuesday of each month 10am – 2pm to make comfort quilts for members and others who are undergoing chemotherapy. The group is named for Jillayn Wolleat who lost her battle with leukemia in the summer of 2013. New and experienced quilters are invited to join us in the Explorers’ classroom.

Ashley’s Way Caregivers Closet

ASHLEY’S WAY Caregivers Closet Ministry is to assist individuals in our church and community who have emergency healthcare needs in caring for a family member or someone in the community.   This Caregivers Closet can supply a wide variety of healthcare products.  Members of our church and the community have donated products that they no longer need.  If you would like to donate items, please be sure they are clean, in working order, and have all their parts.  We collect adult diapers, walkers, crutches, rollators, potty chairs, bath and shower chairs, and wheelchairs.

Food Collections for local Food Pantries

Food Collection happens several times a year.  The average number of families coming each week is gradually increasing and the donations of food received are certainly appreciated.  Items that are always in need are soups, especially chunky soups, canned fruit, canned milk and small packages of powdered milk. Thank you for your generous donations in the past and thank you in advance for future donations.

Georgia Mountain Inclusive Home School Co-op

We will be holding classes for home school children at CLCC every Thursday throughout the school year. Classes offered are Spanish, Lego Math Building, Science Arts, Super Pi Yo, Yoga, Cake Decorating, Art, French, Gardening, Toddler Time, Zumba, etc.  Elementary classes are offered from 10 AM to 12 noon.  Secondary classes for teens will be offered from 12 noon to 3 PM. If any CLCC members or congregants have skills in any subject area that you would like to share with a group of home school children…. for a 7 week semester (one hour a week).

Thursdays. September 6-October 18
Inclement weather make-up: October 25th
Location: Cherry Log Christian Church. 1149 Cherry Log Street
**All classes have a suggested donation of $35. **

Elementary Classes:

10:00-10:55 Beginning Spanish Room 3 Teacher: Marshall Burke TA: Laura or Ron Sturgis Supply Fee: none Required materials: Book: The Complete Book of Spanish https://www.amazon.com/dp/1483826864/ref=cm_sw_r_fra_dp_U_tiyaBbG9JXMZD Ages: 7-12 Description: Relaxed and casual Spanish class for children.
10:00-10:55 Plant Basics Room 2 and Garden Teacher: Jesse Shaw TA: Rhonda Dean and Maralie Thomas Supply Fee: $0 Required materials: none Ages: 5-10 Description: We will learn what plants need to grow. How light or lack of affects the way a plant grows and produces. Several experiments with different types of plants, tuberous, shade loving and sun loving.
11:00-11:55 Lego Building Room 3 Teacher: Amellia TA: Dawn Pasley Supply Fee: none Required materials: none Ages: 5-10 Description: Show your creativity as you build Lego creations! Each week will offer free play (with project ideas) and a time at the end of class for Show & Tell. This is an ideal class for any Lego-maniac!
12:00-12:55 Super PiYo Room 3 or Fellowship Hall Teacher: Dawn Pasley TA: Leigh Ann Harbin Supply Fee: none Required materials: yoga style mat Ages: 8-12 Description: A low impact exercise class with moves inspired by Pilates and Yoga. Cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility training in one class. The verbal “cues” will guide one to “fly,” “shoot fireballs,” “put up shields,” and other such “super hero” activities.

Preschool Classes:

10:00-10:55 Preschool Playtime Room 1 Co-Teachers: Ashley Thomas and Amber Suman TA: Supply Fee: $0 Required materials: none Ages: 1-4 year olds Description: This class will be free play time. The classroom has blocks, imaginative play toys, and more. There is also a fenced in playground.
11:00-11:55 Toddler Time Room 1 Teacher: Elizabeth Bunn TA: Melissa Neely Supply Fee: $0 Required materials: none Ages: 1-2 year olds Description: This class will include music, movement, stories, and tons of fun for our youngest co-op members.
11:00-11:55 Science Arts Room 2 Teacher: Danyell Ballou TA: Amber Suman Supply Fee: TBD Required Materials: White shirt (2+ sizes larger than child’s current size. To knees if possible), possibly more TBD Ages: 3-5 Description: Children will explore basic science concepts through art with open-ended experiments.

Middle/ High School Classes

NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program Preparation
Want to write a book? This class will prepare you to do so just in time for National Novel Writing Month. We will cover characters, conflict, plot, setting, mood, and dialog. Bring your creativity and a pencil!
Ages 12-18
Instructor: Teri Slemons
Cake Decorating
Supply Fee $20
Learning various tips and using various tool for decorating cake in many ways.
Instructor: Ashley Thomas
Ages 11-18
1pm-2pm or 2pm-3pm ( let us know which time slot you are signing up for)
Arduino Rolling Robots
In this class students will learn how to use an arduino (microcontroller/mini-computer) to build simple robots. We’ll be making robots that roll on toy car wheels and use different kinds of sensors to control themselves or be controlled remotely. We’ll start with a robot that can ‘see’ and follow a path drawn by the student. Next we’ll convert that robot to one that uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect and avoid obstacles on its own. After that we’ll add a bluetooth module and set of pinching claws to turn our self-driving car into one we can remotely drive and pick stuff up with (using a cellphone app we make ourselves)!
This class will use off the shelf parts, hardware kits and pre-existing software libraries but students will have to assemble everything on their own. Students will be expected to be able to use screwdrivers, hot-glue guns and other tools necessary to put together and wire small components. Teacher help will be provided but this is a class for kids that want to build things themselves; it is not intended for those that get stuck and want the teacher to do the rest for them.
The parts required to build all three variations of our robot should be around $30-$45 and of course the kids will take a functioning ‘robot’ home at the end of the session. A final lab fee will be announced at least 1 month prior to the class session – in the mean time the teacher will be testing out various kits and working out the final parts list.
Ages 12-18
Instructor: Bart Zalewski

Elizabeth Bunn (elementary class organizer–ages 6 to 11)

Amy Powell (secondary class organizer–ages 12 to 16)