Outreach Council

Outreach Ministries Council Goals and Activities for the year.

Jane Carwell, Chair, Elder,  Zandra Benton, Vice-Chair

Role of Council: The Outreach Council is responsible for promoting and encouraging giving to and participating in outreach work both at home and abroad.

Local Outreach
Barbara Ferer,(Chair)
Members: Jane Murray, Cheri Thompson, Lynn Starr, Jane Kimzey, Katy Griffin, Barbara Ferrer, Diane Coleman, Debbie Colburn, Jane Carwell
Role of Local Outreach: This committee is responsible for the planning and implementation of ministry and benevolence programs in the local community.  The committee will endeavor to discern the ministry needs of the local community and develop ways in which members can address these needs.  The committee keeps the congregation informed and will actively recruit and train members to participate in efforts.

Goal 1: Make community more aware of outreach through advertising at church and through local agencies.

Goal 2: FOOD PANTRIES – Fannin and Gilmer Counties
Lead: Gilmer – Katie Griffin, Fannin – Barbara Ferer
A. Increase collection of food for the food pantries through monthly collections advertised through the Friday mailings, Cherrylogue, and bulletin.
B. Providing income to each Pantry through our church budget each month.

Lead: Jane Murray
A. Work on improving space for clothes closet at the Little White House (now called the Community Outreach Center)
B. Clothes Closet articles in CherryLogue that share statistics of the success of the clothes closet.  The closet is distributing clothing weekly.
C. Search for possible place to get donated clothing, especially children’s clothing
D. Expand list of volunteers for helping with the clothes closet on an ongoing basis.


Lead: Sharon Meek
Develop a plan for year-round gardening and harvesting.  Encourage more of the congregation to participate.  Meeting in February, 2016 to build a plan for growing and harvesting and the use of land.

A.  Deciding on what and where certain vegetables will be planted
B. Use of straw to keep paths between rows weed free.
C. Possible development of a composting area – consideration for not drawing animals (bears, deer, rabbits)
D. Come up with a list of organic solutions for bugs.  Also solution for keeping snakes out of garden.
E.  Develop timeline for encouraging church members to help for planting, maintaining, and harvesting.

Lead: Vacant
A. Inventory equipment in Sam Starr Trailer
B. Clean and insure all tools are in working order
C. Solicit projects for local ministries
D. Investigate participation in Disciples Volunteering and how our church can participate.


Denominational Relations
Don and Nancy Brewer, Co-Chairs
Role: The Denominational Relations Committee will oversee and maintain communications and relations between CLCC and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), both general and regional offices. The Committee will monitor denominational media sources and report relevant information to Church members.  This Committee will work to strengthen relationships with the denomination, making members aware of denominational resources and programs.

Goal 1: To publicize information about the different arms of the Disciples of Christ through links on CLCC web page and Power Point Presentations that are run during Fellowship time.
a. Regional Assembly and Higher Education ministries PowerPoint presentations
b. Christian Church in Georgia PowerPoint presentation

Goal 2: To publicize events and to recruit voting delegates to attend the Regional Assembly and the General Assembly to represent CLCC, and support these delegates by offering a small stipend to help defray costs of registration, travel.
* General Assembly $155 for single registration.
* Regional Assembly $35 for single registration.
Prayer requests for General Assembly added to Friday email and prayer list.


Global Missions
Beverly Cranston, Chair
Role: The Global Missions Committee will be responsible for planning and implementing regional, general, and international ministry and benevolence programs.  The Committee will work with the denomination to provide CLCC support for the global mission efforts of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), informing the Congregation of these efforts and encouraging member prayer and support for these programs.

Goal 1.  Share articles with the congregation on the use of our Disciples Mission Fund contributions.
A. Newsletter article on DMF history and distribution.
B. Presented several videos, on global missions, for Wednesday night programs.

Goal 2. Introduce the special Reconciliation offering to the congregation in September.
A. Article on Special Reconciliation Offering.
B. Presented offering meditation.
C. Receiving the Special Reconciliation Offering in September.

Goal 3. Promote the Week of Compassion offering in February through the newsletter and morning worship.
A. Article for Week of Compassion Offering.
B. Present offering meditation for Week of Compassion Offering.
C. Receiving Week of Compassion Offering.


Communication Committee
Kerrie Gilbert (Chair),
Members: Sharon Meek (webmaster), Lynn Barrett (Voices), Betsy Shepard, Kerrie Gilbert (Facebook)
Role: The Communications Committee will be responsible for expressing and proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel throughout the community beyond the walls of CLCC.  The Committee will focus on work Church marketing. The Committee will use the many different forms of communication available, including traditional and social media, to spread the Gospel, and to make the worship services, ministries, and programs of CLCC available and welcoming to all people. The Committee will form ad hoc teams as needed for particular tasks, calling upon individuals with skills and experience required for the task, e.g., writers, editors, computer specialists, artists, designers and photographers.  The Communication Committee will work closely with members of the Church staff (e.g. the Administrative Assistant), the webmaster, community media persons, and others as they seek to share the life of the Church with the local community and beyond.

Goal 1: Build awareness of how CLCC is unique in this area.
A.  Weekly newspaper ads
We are continuing our weekly newspaper ads in the Times Courier (Ellijay) and The News Observer (Blue Ridge), and have scaled the ads down to 1 column by 5 inches. We will evaluate the frequency of the ads and determine if budgets dicate running the ads less frequently. We are not currently running ads in the Fannin Sentinel

Goal 2: Capture the reader’s imagination; encourage a first visit; foster interest in learning more about CLCC
A. DisciplesLoving.org
The goal of this website is to speak more directly to potential new members.  The primary goal of the Evangelism Committee is to reach, touch and motivate
potential new members, and this website is a key part of that effort; over 50 percent of visitors to the CLCC website are non-members. Our awareness campaign for the Early Service is completed. We plan to increase awareness for the adult education opportunities as a way of demonstrating the range of topics available at CLCC. We are in the process of building more links between the CLCCdoc.org site and the DisciplesLoving.org site.
B. Primary Sign
The new sign at the Church at Hwy 515 is now up, and we expect it will increase awareness of the Church, its location, and the DisciplesLoving.org website.  We are evaluating the usefulness of the sign by asking visitors by how they found us.


Health Team
Vacant, Chair
Role: The Health Team will be composed of members interested in developing ways CLCC can support health and wellness programs, both for members and for the community.  The Committee leader will be appointed by the Outreach Council Chair.

Goal 1: To re-form the team
A. Three persons asked to chair a reconstituted committee but declined.
B. Hold an open meeting to attract interested persons
C. Post a flu season statement of the website and in Friday email.
D.  Monitor and update health materials display