Legacy Partners Foundation


“What cannot be achieved in one lifetime will happen when one lifetime is joined to another.”

Rabbi Harold Kushner

Cherry Log Christian Church of Cherry Log, GA has been named the 2017 recipient of the James P. Johnson Stewardship Award by the Board of Directors of the Christian Church Foundation.
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In its sixteenth year as a church, The Cherry Log Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation approved a Legacy Gift Policy July 22, 2012.  This policy was formed by elected members and with assistance from the Christian Church Foundation.  The purpose, types of gifts, fund administrators, annual spending for ministry, amending procedures, and termination are all clearly defined [Legacy Policy].

The Policy for the Legacy Gift Fund of Cherry Log Christian Church shall be managed by five Administrators.  One of the Administrators shall be the Chair of the Stewardship Committee, (initially Rusty Coleman) to ensure close coordination of all fund raising activities.  Four Administrators shall be elected by the congregation, (initially Ida-Anne Clarke, Harry Doss [with Lynn Doss serving as alternate], Hal Doster, and Bill Groce).  Administrators will serve four year terms.  Terms will be staggered so that one Administrator will be elected annually.  Rev. David Griffin, minister and Discipling Council Chair, Beth Roberts serve as resources.

The first meeting of the administrators was October 30, 2012.  Randy Johnson, Vice President, Southeast Zone, Christian Church Foundation presented options for proceeding.  Subsequent meetings developed material for an informative brochure for members.  Steve Martin, our CLCC member and graphic artist professional, generously and expertly provided design and layout assistance for our Legacy Partners Foundation brochure completed in January, 2013.


We chose to modify our “Fruits of the Spirit” tree logo used earlier in a stewardship effort (2011).  Now, the trunk has a golden hue.  Now the roots extending below the soil’s surface are shown to be sending up shoots representing support for, and new growth of CLCC ministries, implying the impact of gifts beyond our lifetimes.   A lapel pin design extricated the root sprout graphic and will be given to Legacy Partners as listed.


“A Legacy Partner is one who loves Christ and chooses, through end of life planned giving, to build a bridge between today and tomorrow for Cherry log Christian Church ministries.  Such giving provides a living legacy, supporting the mission of the church beyond the giver’s lifetime as the church follows the calling of Christ.”


The administrators developed a plan of presenting the Legacy Partner Foundation information in small group settings called “Gatherings” in homes of administrators from January 21, 2013 forward.  Sharing of special memories of CLCC, and explanation of the Legacy Partners Foundation was followed with the opportunity for Q&A and further clarification.  A packet containing the brochure, ways of giving and a response card were given to each person or couple attending. Desserts, snacks, beverages were provided.  There has been a concerted effort to make the opportunity of learning more about the Legacy Partner Foundation available to all interested parties.  This is an ongoing activity.


Our official kick-off date for the Legacy Partners Foundation was April 28, 2013.  Randy Johnson gave the sermon at both morning worship services.  An all-church fellowship dinner of salads and desserts followed with Randy’s presentation that highlighted and simplified options.  One of the options he explained provides the dual advantage of not only an end-of-life gift to the church, but also income during the donor’s lifetime.  A stream of income to one’s family was also an attractive option.

Even though it was a very rainy day and attendance at worship services was a little lower than usual, we had a total of 51 people representing both worship service attendees.

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Testamentary: percentage bequest; fixed amount bequest; residuary bequest; and restricted bequest

Life Income Gifts: charitable gift annuity; deferred payment gift annuity; the charitable remainder trust

Giving through Beneficiary Designation: individual retirement accounts; life insurance.


The table decorations for our April 28th luncheon were free baby flowering trees from ArborDay.org.  Twenty bare root specimens were potted up, placed in plastic bags then wrapped in fabric tied with raffia.  There were four of each variety: white flowering dogwood, Washington hawthorn, Sargent’s crabapple, Eastern redbud and Golden rain-tree.
A description of each plant’s needs and ArborDay tree planting instructions were provided for each baby tree.  Sixteen trees went home with luncheon attendees.   The remaining four were planted in the future labyrinth area.  One of those, a Sargent’s crabapple, was selected for Molly Johnson and planted (for the time being anyway) near the center of our future labyrinth to make shade for those in meditation there.  The remaining dogwood and two hawthorns were planted on the periphery of the labyrinth site.  The baby trees ranged in size from about 7” to maybe 18” depending upon the variety.