Disciple Women



“IN CASE YOU’RE WONDERING, the Disciple Women of Cherry Log Christian Church are up to some good. Mark your calendar, mental, paper, blackberry, iPod, iPhone or whatever to be with us each month on the 3rd Saturday from 10:30 AM to about 1:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall at CLCC. Then you’ll learn first hand why our participating ladies reserve their third Saturdays (usually) for this vital contribution to our faith and fellowship journey.

Here’s what we do: We begin with prayer.

We learn. Each year there is a mission emphasis. This emphasis includes guest speakers, research, and projects to help with the mission.

We share joys, ideas, concerns, resources. There are always opportunities to give an offering. You may have heard of the international mission of The Least Coin. Women all over the world regularly give the smallest coin in their currency. Our first offering is our interpretation of this custom and involves a coin of any denomination we each place in the Blessing Box as we tell of one of our recent blessings. (We all have our own Blessing Boxes at home.) Once a year all Blessing Box contributions are combined into one check to be presented at the annual Disciple Women’s statewide retreat at Norman Park in South GA, usually the second weekend in October. This money goes to the wider mission effort of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ.