Christian Education

Adult Christian Education:

Sunday School:
All classes are 9:30 to 10:30 – Come join us on Sunday morning.  We have a variety of classes that include Bible study and book study

Current Adults Classes include:

Contemporary Bible Class  
The Contemporary Bible Study Class is studying the gospel lessons for each Sunday from the common lectionary. This year we are studying the Gospel of Luke (occasionally lessons from John or the other gospels).

Seekers Class
Seekers is a class for people who find questions more engaging than answers, who find that answers are temporary and open new sets of questions.  The class chooses a book to structure the discussion and usually chooses a writer who is on the forefront of contemporary theology.  Hearing the deep concerns others and feeling heard by others has created the comfort of having companions on the journey, whereas many seekers formerly thought themselves to be alone or in small minority.  For people who have let go of certainties and who have a hunger for spiritual connection, Seekers provides understanding, companionship and stimulation.

The Wednesday Night Dinner Program
Experience fellowship with a brown bag dinner at 5:30 followed by an hour-long interactive program series selected from topics such as Spirituality, Christianity and the Environment, the Mystics, the Bible, or Theology.



ALL CHILDREN are welcomed with delight at Cherry Log Christian Church. Just as Jesus welcomed each child, we seek to minister to our children and their families. This welcome begins at birth and continues throughout child-hood, with careful attention to the developmental tasks of each age group and the individual needs of each child and family.

NURSERY (Birth through 18 months)
Infants learn to trust and experience God through the love and nurture provided by the adults in their environment. Our Nursery strives to support stages of faith development by provid-ing consistent and loving care with trained childcare workers. The envi-ronment is clean, safe, secure, and age appropriate. Our Nursery policies are designed to foster the health and safety of each child. Nursery is avail-able for all Sunday morning activities and other times by prior arrangements through the church office.

This age is very busy learning by ex-ploring and interacting with their world. They are learning about God through simple songs, books, art and other hands-on experiences. Yet, they still have the need for safety and security provided by a carefully prepared environment, learning that God will be present in both their exploring and their “returning”. Children learn through experiencing the stories of our faith in the Bible, listening and talking to God through prayer, speaking and singing the language of our liturgy, and building a community of young disciples as we care for one another and our environment. Our playground and children’s garden are an extension of our classroom These learning and worshiping experiences prepare children for “big church”. Teaching and care is provided for this age child on Sunday morning during both Sunday School and Worship.

The Seasons of the Spirit Multiage Sunday School classroom is uniquely de-signed to meet the needs of ages 5 years through 5th grade. The Multiage Lectionary-based lessons offer different age-appropriate options for engaging with the biblical stories and includes “activity zones” that address different ages, interests, learning styles, and abilities. This group will experience storytelling scripts, self-directed learning, and relationships with children of different ages as they create community, sharing time and space each week. Children’s Worship offered through 2nd grade.

Sunday School and Children’s Worship K-5th Grade use Seasons of the Spirit Curriculum. They are learning lessons on Advent and leading up to Easter. In addition, The Lord’s Prayer will be taught.

FYSH – 6th – 12th Grade Classroom
Four Curriculum is a scripture-centered curriculum supported by media clips provided with the appropriate lessons. Sunday school involves both teaching and instilling the disciplines of Christianity (worship, prayer, studying scripture). This class encourages dis-cussion and community and would invite the students on a consistent basis to give of themselves in service. To be “Disciples of Christ”.

The Youth 6th-12th grade lessons come from RFOUR curriculum. Subjects taught this quarter are:
Why Jesus tells Parables, Following Resurrected Jesus, and What it means to be a Disciple of Christ. Each Sunday Bible recognition games and lessons are included.

FYSH – Youth Group meets every 1st Sunday of the month following CLCC late Worship Service for lunch and an activity.