2018 Sermons

January Sermon Series: Inspiration: The Word in Motion
“We will spend this next year exploring twelve dynamics of faith. Spiritual gifts, you might call them, which when studied and pondered and prayed over, can making journeying with the Spirit that much more meaningful; which can help to refresh our weary feet from marching towards the promise of ‘…on earth as it is in Heaven’. Each month, we will focus on one of these dynamics. And so, each week we will pivot around the monthly theme, in an attempt to understand our faithfulness from yet another perspective. January is Inspiration: The Word in Motion. Following Inspiration, we will explore: Revelation, Passion, Creation, Vision, Wisdom, Freedom, Sabbath, Reconciliation, Communion, Gratitude, and Preparation. I am grateful to be walking this path with this church, at this time, amongst so much of God’s grace. Amen.”


January 21, 2018 Service of Covenant, Sermon: “Feet”

Isaiah 52:7-8, John 13:5, 12-17
Rev. Dr. Ben Bohren

January 14, 2018 Sermon: Through the Midst of You

Amos 5:14-24
Rev. Adam Bradley

January 7, 2018 Sermon: You in Me, and I in You

John 14:18-27
Rev. Adam Bradley