Ash Wednesday Service (February 10 at 6:30 pm) is a service where we recognize our mortality, repent of our sins, and return to our loving God. We recognize life as a precious gift from God, and return our lives towards Jesus Christ. We may make resolutions and commit to change our lives over the next forty days so that we might be more like Christ. In an Ash Wednesday service the ministers mark the sign of the cross on a person's forehead with ashes.

Give Your Life More Meaning

You might be like many of us—we have a full spiritual life here in the mountains. We love our community, love learning, and love feeling connected with others. And maybe that’s enough love for any one.

But sometimes we want more. More places to use our talents and time to help others. More fun. More support in times of trouble. More of a sense of purpose— even if it’s just helping the guy down the street once in a while. More love.

Give yourself more.  
Cherry Log Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

The Disciples are different.

Disciples ChaliceWe believe that we are to be followers, hence Disciples, of Jesus. We feel that we are to “be” as Jesus was. 

The people at Cherry Log Christian Church come from lots of different backgrounds, and we support our differences as much as our similarities. We’re a learning center, and we welcome your brain along with your heart. Our education classes range from provocative ideas about the role of faith in the 21st century, to academic Bible study.

Our kids’ classes focus on the power of God’s love no matter who you are; classes where the spiritual gifts of children are honored and nourished.

Bring your wisdom.

The best gift is a gift of yourself. If you’re ready to begin again—and we might not even know what that means—combine your experience and talents with ours. You’ll not only make new friends, you’ll discover some truly gifted, loving and beautiful people.

Our search for meaning.

A church can help with the rituals of love, birth, loss and death. When you’re ready, when there’s a longing—a want for more—give your spirituality a home. Together we’ll repair our world. We don’t have the answers, and we don’t know your pain and longing. But we can support your need to live into your questions, and you can support ours. We’ll teach each other in the process.

Come and see.

Your first time here can be a quiet visit—we won’t make a fuss over you. But we’ll be happy to answer questions and make you feel welcome. We’re a huggy bunch, so your second visit will include hugs and a “welcome back!”

Give yourself more. 

Scripture Lesson

February 14, 2016
First Sunday in Lent  (Year C)
Liturgical Color: Violet

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Come and Worship

Sunday Morning Worship
We invite you to join us for our Sunday school activities and worship service.

Church Calendar of Events

Early Worship Service 8:25am
Study 9:30am
Worship 10:55am

We're located between Ellijay and Blue Ridge
We're just up the road from the Pink Pig Bar-B-Q, off Hwy 515 between mile markers 19 and 20.

1149 Cherry Log Street

If you’re looking
for a church, give us
a visit. We’d love to
meet you.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 289
Cherry Log, GA 30522

Cherrylogue Newsletter

Dr. David Griffin,
Dr. Robin Norsworthy
Interim Assoc. Minister
Randy Wilbur
Interim Minister of Music

Dr Fred Craddock,
Founding Minister